Paper Cut Perfection

A dash of dexterity, a touch of  imagination, and a massive amount of patience can yield incredible results in the crafting world; and a talented cut paper artist or paper sculptor can elevate a humble medium into a masterpiece.  Disney certainly appreciates a steady hand, commissioning artist like Brittney Lee, Kevin Kidney and Jody Daily and Megan Brain to flaunt their scissor-wielding skills.

Take a look at some of these elegant Disney princesses hand cut from scrapbook paper by dreamcaravan, sold on Etsy with optional framing:

Paper Princess: Sleeping Beauty

Paper Princess: Belle

Paper Princess: Briar Rose/Snow White

You may have seen this gorgeous paper sculpture of Rapunzel below from Jackie Huang, but did you know you could buy a signed print on Etsy for only $25?

One thought on “Paper Cut Perfection

  1. My roommate and I cut out Disney princess paper dolls to display around our room. This post inspires me to take our decoration to a new level! I am obsessed with all of the art pictured above, especially the one from Tangled. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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